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  • Why I Don’t Care about your street fights when you sign up here!

    Want to know why i don’t care about your street fights, who you know, what you did as a kid, Who you’ve trained with and all the other hype that accompanies your story when you contact me about training here? Well I’ll tell ya 2 professional boxers that’s Professional Boxers, succumbed to injuries sustain in professional Boxing Events An Argentinian junior welterweight Hugo Alfredo Santillan and Maxim Dadashev This is tragic! You know why it’s tragic? Because these were young men that trained for a professional event and they still paid the price! The blame isn’t on the coaches, opponent, or anyone else. This is the ....

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  • Hanover Boxing Club LLC Offers Combat, Self-Defense Training for Real Life Situations

    By Kelly Church
    At Hanover Boxing Club LLC, instructors give members something other than the standard treadmill workout. The Hanover, PA studio teach combat training classes, which includes martial arts for kids and adults. Owner Joe Dressel took over the studio about five years ago, but Hanover Boxing Club LLC has been open since 1993 and established a positive reputation in the community for being a positive environment for reality-based training. "The culture that has been created here is one that you don't find too often," Dressel said. "Everyone that has experienced this place ends up loving the coaches, people, training and just all-around vibe of the place. " ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Hanover!

    Check out our new website for Hanover Boxing Club!
    We proudly serve the York, Hanover and Gettysburg areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to Like us on Facebook ! ....

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