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Learn from the best Martial Arts instructors in the Hanover area who are dedicated to providing a stable, family environment where you can excel in your personal goals and find a varied and supportive community. Whether your plan is to compete, lose weight, meet new like-minded people or increase your day-to-day life, we will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible while having fun doing it! The benefits of Martial Arts classes are endless. From confidence and self-esteem to discipline and empowerment, whether you're enjoying or Kids Martial Arts classes or our Adult programs, you'll start seeing improvement in mind, body, and spirit in only a few short classes. GET STARTED TODAY by clicking the Request More Information button above!

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worth every class. every penny. my child has learned an grown so much! I couldn't be more pleased with the program shes in !

Chloe Oberlander

Kickboxing Couples = Happier Couples!! 

My husband and I train hard at the gym 5-6 times per week. On our “Off Day,” we love getting our cardio and brainwork on with Joe’s Kickboxing. 

As a Mom, I feel confident I can protect our children if needed. And as a Woman, I’m not an easy target. I like knowing that I’m doing my best to protect myself and my family by taking these Kickboxing classes.

Nancy Cooke

As many people have stated already, this club is one of the best in the area.  I've taken martial arts for 10 years and have been to multiple teachers and I can honestly say Joe is one of the best teachers around.  Real world curriculum, a SAFE environment where you can learn martial arts at your pace.  A+ school

Tom Harper

Wyatt has been taking boxing since March and just loves it!, he is learning skills and discipline and wants to take it to the professional level.

Sherry Parks

My son has been at this club for close to a year and loves it. He participates in the MMA program as well as the wrestling program. Joe is very knowledgeable, passionate, kind, patient and makes the classes fun for kids of all ages. I started Kick Boxing this week and was able to discuss my reasons for joining without any kind of judgment, The people who attend this club are all goal driven, friendly and patient with anyone new. I urge anyone of any age to check this club out and you will find you not only gain an amazing coach but a true caring friend.

Tasha MB

I want to thank the yoga instructor for her yoga class she started. I have been attending her class since the beginning. It has really helped me out. Ever since I fractured my back 3 years ago it has always been painful to get up everyday. Though since I been attending her classes and strength training. I'm feeling 1000% better! She is a good motivator and gets us all to try our best when conducting the class.

Marshall Alexander Trout

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