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Why I Don’t Care about your street fights when you sign up here!

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Want to know why i don’t care about your street fights, who you know, what you did as a kid, Who you’ve trained with and all the other hype that accompanies your story when you contact me about training here? 


Well I’ll tell ya


2 professional boxers 


that’s Professional Boxers, succumbed to injuries sustain in professional Boxing Events 


An Argentinian junior welterweight Hugo Alfredo Santillan  


and Maxim Dadashev


This is tragic! You know why it’s tragic? 


Because these were young men that trained for a professional event and they still paid the price! The blame isn’t on the coaches, opponent, or anyone else. This is the price you pay if this is the road you choose. 


People forget that it’s not a game!  


To all the fake martial artists out there peddling something that doesn’t work to make a few extra dollars with crap technique that will get someone killed. 


Just Stop! 


People wonder why I’m so hard on the bs martial arts i see online. Its because my conscience won’t allow me to see that in any other way other then disgust because i understand what can happen if you fight for your life as a prize fighter or a weekend warrior defending yourself in a life or death self defense scenario. 


I get it, people need to train and get good and there is a window of time where they are getting better and don’t look like they’re suppose to. But if i see someone practicing a spinning back fist or flying knee and the combo leading up to it looked like you just learned it 6 min ago then you lose a Little credibility with me from one coach to another. It’s a coaches job to prepare you for this. To help you figure out your work capacity, how to navigate an adrenaline dump, How to overcome the fear, anxiety etc. get you in right shape etc 


I don’t put people in haphazardly, 


you want to train twice a week? you’re not fighting for this club 


you want to give me 90% on the days that you do come? you’re not fighting for this club.


Do you want to skimp out on your strength and conditioning? You’re not fighting for the club 


Oh you can’t make it because your son or daughter is sick or needs to get the homework done? Look That’s ok, it’s fine, 


STILL not fighting for the Club. 


Like i said in the post about the person i trained that’s now a police officer. I require a lot because many important things can be taken if not done right. My conscience will not allow me to 


Think about it! 

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