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Hanover Boxing Club Reviews

  • I've been wanting to get into boxing for a while now and finally got myself up to it, and I love it. They really push you and work with you. Joe and the other instructors really work with you when you are new and coming in and don't expect you to just jump in the class and be where everyone else is. They really break it down for you and work with you on technique and your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone is great. No judgment! You have people from all fitness levels, it's a great place!

    Sarah Rutledge
  • I've been having a great experience here at the Hanover boxing club. I walked in with a dream of becoming a fighter and my coaches knew that from the start. I did not jump in to sparring right away, I started at the bottom just like everyone else; practicing footwork and technique for months to assure I had the right tools that I needed. Even to this day we still reach for a greater foundation. It really showed me that the coaches here care about our safety and are willing to put in the time to perfect our craft. I had my first performance a year after I started and did really well. The coaches were not the only ones to prepare me for my fight, students as well. You build a bond with the students here and you know why everyone is in the gym. If you are here to compete or to get in shape we are all riding the same bus to better ourselves so you are never alone. There's a great support system here and I love being in this gym.

    Steven Santoyo
  • My son just started at Hanover Boxing Club and he is loving it. I was extremely impressed with Joe and how well he works with the kids. It is so important that kids are taught respect and work ethetic and he does a fabulous job with this! It's an awesome place, highly recommend it!

    Danelle Hooper Goodwin
  • I have never been at the Hanover Boxing Club but had the opportunity to meet and train with Coach Joe at Roufusport HQ. He was a great training partner and very knowledgeable. Coaches who continue to invest in their personal training and lead by example are the best. As a Martial Arts School owner myself, I would recommend training with Coach Joe.

    Andy DeJesus
  • I love this place. This place is the same as it was when I was a kid. Great atmosphere, when you come here, you know you are going to work. Joe is one of the best trainers around. Get up, show up, and they take care of the rest. I highly recommend you check this place out. They are one of the good guys.

    Jake Lawson
  • What a solid group of people with some very talented Coaches behind them. It's a pleasure to work with these guys, and to have been entrusted to guest instruct there. Coach Joe is a down to earth guy and a very knowledgeable Coach. He wants nothing more than to see his students and associates grow! Much love and respect - Coach George McGinnis

    George McGinnis
  • Joe runs a super great operation here at Hanover Boxing. Not only do they offer boxing but they offer other combat sports as well including BJJ, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and more. The gym is awesome, its a real 'Rocky' type of experience in an old brick building with a loft/open feel. Lots of equipment and great people there. Joe couldnt be any nicer and more welcoming and his classes will teach you kick butt while shaving off the calories as well.

    Nicholas Collins

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